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June Raffle: 4 Spider VFT's!

Up for Grabs: 4 Spider VFT's

Raffle Instructions: drop an email at phovft@gmail.com. Title the email "Raffle Application", include your Terraforum username, and sit back and relax!

The photograph shown below is indeed the exact plants that will be shipped out once the raffle closes. There are 3 plants shown, the 4th one is of similar size and health.

Raffle ends July 2nd 2009. Winners will be posted on Terraforums as well as on this page. If the winner fails to contact me within 3 days, then the plant will go to someone else. Plants pictured below are as of June 11th, 2009.

Spider VFT description: This plant only grows upright, and does so in dramatic fashion. I've seen growers get the plant to reach huge sizes. Should be a fun plant to have.